12 Things Women Wear That Men Hate No.3 Can Ruin Your Relationship

Women are a great lover of dresses and wear. It’s no doubt that women love fashion more than men.

However, when it comes to dressing, women are the type that loves to dress to kill; they love to wear things to impress the opposite sex; notwithstanding, there are some wears women put that men despise, in fact, continuous wearing of such items can ruin your relationship.

Fashion is essential in our day to day activities. It’s normal and human for us to choose something flashy to impress friends or lovers. But it’s of high necessity to check if your wares are okay. You can ask from friends for better clarification if you are not sure whether your outfit is OK or not.

However, we may be doing something ignorant. Apparently, the dress may look nice to you, whereas it’s not. With our guide here, you will tell the reason why men despise such wears and the reason for you to stop them.

1. Clip-on extensions

“Do you notice that men always find a way to touch the back of your head? This is not a coincidence. We are simply checking to see if you have extensions. The worst is when your fingers get caught in a woman’s hair or when you can see the extensions, and it’s like two different heads.”

“Extensions are trashy. Your hair knots up in the back, and you can’t run your fingers through it. You look like a wet house cat. Messy hair is sexy, but nothing is a bigger turn off than when a woman’s hair is all knotted with extensions.”

2. Too much eye make-up
Things that ruin relationship

Your eye makeup should be moderate. It’s quite understandable that you want to look good, but making your makeup too much won’t make you look good at all.

3. Self-tanner

I have never seen a single guy who will ever admire a lady or woman who smells like orange, and men hate this thing with a passion.

4. High-waisted jeans
High waist jean

“You really have to have a good body to pull off high-waisted jeans. A man enjoys a nice ass, so if you are doing anything to change its shape for the worse, you are just sinning.”

5. Uggs

“Uggs are ugly. They make you look like trash like you woke up and didn’t care to get dressed in the morning. I like a woman who takes pride in what she wears and how she presents herself.”

5. Flared jeans

Flared Jean will make you look as if you are old school, and you will look like a lady or woman born in the ’70s.

If you are a lady and a lover of flared Jean, you need to stop it now. Like right now!

6. Harem Pants

Harem pants remind me of a diaper. The only possible woman that could pull them off is a skeletal model type, and even then, it’s still not a look I’m into.”

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7. Flip-flops

If you are not just coming from the salon, why should you have flip flops on your hair? The way it looks on the head could sometimes be disgusting and irritating. It doesn’t look speaking whatsoever. It’s not fashionable for you to wear flip flops. If you are not plaiting your hair, then cover it.

8. Too much foundation

This is the most common mistake many ladies are guilty of. The goal of the foundation is to make your face look smooth and clean off spots on your face. However, excess of this will make your face look archaic. Make it moderate. Men don’t like getting stained with foundation.

9. Timberlands

“Women should have nice feet and nice shoes. I like feminine shoes, not shoes that make it look like you are going to a construction site.”

10. Wedges

“Wedges were made to stop a door from closing, nothing else. They’re awful, thick and big. They remind me of an aunt hanging out in a bingo hall smoking. Even those wedge sneakers are a turn-off. If you want something comfortable, just wear flats. Don’t worry about your height. Short women make us feel manly.”

11. Fake long nails
Long nail

Fake long nails are incredibly terrible. In Fact, this is the worst of it all.

Fixing nails and looking like a witch will make men take a run from you. There is a great need for you to maintain your natural nails. Long nails don’t add any beauty to you.

12. Showing too much skin

One common perception women have is that all men love ladies that expose their bodies. And some believe with an exposed body, and they can get the attention of any man they want. This may be wrong and right, but let’s break it down.

When you expose your body, you are giving an Impression to men that you are a prostitute or you have your body for sale, and this doesn’t mean you are beautiful.

Men may rush after you because of that, but trust me, no guy will stay on you.

Showing too much skin will make men despise you and only lust after you.

You know them when you see them—the dimes who become sevens with just a second glance because of their wacky sense of style and great bodies that are ruined by loose and billowy blouses. What the hell is a “going-out top” and a “flatform?” Enough ladies. As the fairer sex, you should learn how to flatter and enhance yourselves with clothing instead of trying what Lady Gaga did last week. We’re here to tell you the truth—that sometimes, even though men love you, you dress like a fuckin’ dickhead. The above are 12 things most women wear, and men desperately hate.

Men are kinds of humans that don’t love to talk much, that they, love your clothes doesn’t mean they actually do. It’s time for you to wise up and change your styles.

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