Berger Paints Nigeria Price List

Berger paints Nigeria price list

If you have planned to give a building a facelift, it is likely painting it was one of the options you considered. Isn’t that right?

Well, painting is a cost-effective way to rebrand and renovate a building. Be it an office building, a house, or any building at all. Painting renews and amplifies the beauty of a structure and it is always among deliberations when buildings are almost finished or in need of renovation.
Among painting brands in Nigeria, Berger Paint stands out. It has been trusted by millions of Nigerians in the execution of their painting projects. In this article, we take a look at the Berger Paint price list as well as other important facts about Berger Paint.

If you have plans to give your building a facelift or you just completed a structure and need to paint, Berger Paint is a dependable brand to trust and we have provided a peep into how much it would cost you as we review the Berger Paint price list.

About Berger Paint

Berger Paint began operation in Nigeria in 1959, a year before the nation’s independence. This makes them one of the oldest painting brands in the country.
They are not just an old painting brand, they are trusted by millions of Nigerians who have made used of their products to achieve long-lasting and beautiful painting. Berger Paint is reckoned to be one of the leading painting brands in Nigeria and this is obvious in the number of sales they make and the caliber of customers they record.

Berger Paint has a manufacturing brand in the country and well over 25 depots. With numerous outlets called Colorworlds and dealers across the 36 states of the federation including the Federal Capital Territory, Berger Paint continues to serve Nigerians with quality paint products.

Types of Berger Paint

In Nigeria, Berger Paints are divided into two categories. They are decorative and non-decorative paints. Each of these categories of paints perform specific functions as determined by the manufacturer.

Before we go into the rundown of Berger Paint price list, I have provided an overview of the decorative and non-decorative paints from Berger Paint. It offers brief insights into the products under each category and the function each performs.

Decorative Berger Paint

The Decorative Berger Paint category includes paint products such as:

➢ Clinstay: primarily used for internal décor

➢ Luxol Emulsion: can be used for both internal and external décor

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➢ Rufhide: suitable for covering wallboards, plaster holes, and minor cracks

➢ Supertax Robbitex: good for internal and external usage

➢ Super Star Emulsion: great for the prevention of mold growth

➢ Super Star Gloss: good for high surface shine and the prevention of mold growth

➢ Fire Retardant Texcote: suitable for internal and external use as it hinders the spread of fire

➢ Luxol Gloss: good choice for high surface shine

➢ Wood Primers: recommended for painting wooden surfaces, rafters, etc.

➢ Robbialac Emulsion: covers more square kilometers (sq km) with less quantity, very cost-effective

➢ Robbialac Gloss: an alternative to Robbialac Emulsion when a high surface shine is required

Non-Decorative Berger Paint

The Non-Decorative Berger Paint products are not used for house paintings. Typically, one would use a non-decorative paint on wooden surfaces, automobiles, metallic substances, domestic appliances, etc.

In this category of paints from Berger Paint, these are the products you will come across:

➢ Cellulose Enamel: can be used for general purposes

➢ Lignolac Wood Finishes: as its name implies, it is used on woods and wooden surfaces

➢ Autolux: designed for application on automobiles

➢ Coil Coating Enamels: suitable for painting on aluminum and steel

➢ Epoxy Coating: recommended for use in refineries, chemical factories, and industrial units

➢ Marine Coating: used in painting pipelines, handrails, and fabricated tanks

➢ Anti-fouling Paint: suitable for painting galvanized metals and the bottom of ships, canoes, boats etc.

➢ Thermoplastic Road Markers: great for painting sports track lines, runaways, helipad markings etc.

➢ Stoving Enamels (G6): for painting electronic appliances and metals

Now, let’s see what the cost of Berger Paint looks like in the country.

Berger Paint Price List in Nigeria

The table below shows the price list of some of the popular paints from Berger Paint available in the country. To know the cost of decorative and non-decorative Berger Paint, see the tables below:

Berger Decorative Paint Price List
Clinstay Emulsion 20 Ltr N36, 000 – N38, 000
Fire Retendant Texcote 20 Ltr N25, 000 – N28, 000
Luxol Emulsion 20 Ltr N25, 000 – N27, 000
Robbialac Emulsion 20 Ltr N5, 000 – N7, 000
Robbitex Emulsion 20 Ltr N10, 000 – N12, 000
Rufhide Emulsion 20 Ltr N16, 000 – N18, 000
Supatex Emulsion 20 Ltr N19, 000 – N20, 000
SuperStar Emulsion 20 Ltr N16, 000 – N18, 000
Luxol Gloss 4 Ltr N9, 500 – N11, 000
Robbialac Gloss 4 Ltr N4, 000 – N6, 000
SuperStar Gloss 4 Ltr N6, 500 – N7, 500
Berger non-decorative paints
AutoLux 1 Ltr N1, 500 – N2, 000
Bergernul 5 Ltr N10, 500 – N12, 000
Lignolac Wood Finish 4 Ltr N5, 500 – N6, 000
The price of Berger Paint in Nigeria is influenced by several factors. As a result, the price list we have provided above is only but a range of what the products are sold at. You could get to the market and meet something different from the price tags we have provided.

It is quintessential to note that the prices presented are estimates of what one would normally expect when they want to buy a Berger Paint product as listed above. The price of Berger Paint products may slightly change either upwards or downwards depending on the market, geographical location, festivity, quantity of units to be purchased among others.

Inflation in prices are typical in the Nigerian market and it has become normal to have sharp, unprecedented increment in the prices of goods.

Nevertheless, we are optimistic that the difference between the actual market price and the Berger Paint price list we have presented would not be enormous.

Final Thoughts on Berger Paint

Berger Paint is a great choice for any painting project you have got to undertake. The company offers products that can be used for both internal and external decoration and other general purposes.

They have got just about any product for your painting exercise. You can try them today and you would not regret that move.

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