Best Ghana Kente Traditional Wedding Styles

There are many countries in Africa in which Ghana is one of the known country in Africa. Africa Kente wax fabric is originated from Ghana where it is worn as ordinary wrapper by Ghanaian men and women. Things is advancing everyday, Kente fabric is now moving into different dimensions by wearing it at traditional wedding by both Bride and Groom.

Here is the best Ghana Kente traditional wedding styles but there are several meanings behind the color pattern on kente fabrics; Yellow stands for royalty, wealth, beauty.However, Green means fertility, vegetation, forest, new harvest. While Red represents blood of ancestors, political, death.Furthermore, Blue describes peace, harmony, love.Whereas, Pink means love, happiness. Likewise, Orange represents wealth, joy. More so, Gold means royalty, wealth, high status. While Silver represents joy, purity. Whereas, Black means heritage, strength, spirituality and White means purity, festive. While, Grey means healing.

Ghana Kente Traditional Wedding Styles

Traditional Wedding Styles

Kente wax fabric

Best Ghana Kente

Kente designs

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Kente styles

Kente styles for ladies

Traditional Kente design

Best Kente design

Kente meaning

Ghana Kente design

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Wedding Kente styles

Best Kente design

Color pattern on Kente fabric

Best Ghana Kente Traditional Wedding Styles

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