Check Out These Hotels in Lagos Mainland

Looking for the best hotels in Lagos Mainland as you are traveling to Lagos and would probably be attending a function in Lagos Mainland?

hotels in Lagos Mainland

Or maybe you desire to stay in Lagos Mainland so you can have a feel of the beautiful city of Lagos from the mainland, then let our compilation of hotels in Lagos Mainland inform your decision on where to stay while visiting Lagos.

Lagos even though a city of commerce has a lot of side attractions that can get you stuck in the state longer than you would want to. Even if you dedicate a week or two to go round Lagos for sight-seeing, you may never be able to fully articulate all that Lagos has to offer.

From the unrivaled nightlife experiences to beach resorts to eateries to national monuments, you are going to be in for a swell time when you visit Lagos. With quite a number of places to visit in Lagos, you will find Lagos a nice city to spend your vacation or a Yuletide season.

When coming to Lagos Mainland, these 2 hotels in Lagos Mainland would make the perfect choice for a place to stay in Lagos.

  1. The Bayt

The bayt hotel

The Bayt Hotel is one of the cheapest hotels in Lagos Mainland. The cost of paying for accommodation in The Bayt begins at $199 and the features and services you stand to enjoy while staying at the hotel are exceptionally top-notch.

Strategically positioned at about 6km away from the Central Mosque, Lagos, and the Iga Idungaran-OBA of Lagos Palace, The Bayt Hotel boasts of pool views making it a very convenient relaxation spot for everyone.

Visitors to the hotel enjoy an unmetered Wi-Fi connection that takes care of their data needs while at the hotel. In addition, the Bayt hotel provides private parking spaces for all its visitors and guests. Your vehicles and automobiles are safe while you enjoy yourself at the hotel.

Your kids are not left out in the package from the Bayt. As you can bring them to the hotel to spend Christmas or during long vacations. The Bayt hotel has a pool for kids, children television networks, and outdoor playing equipment.

Maybe you do not want to go on a vacation. Possibly, you want a new environment where you can carry out the demands of your work away from distractions and any form of intrusion. The Bayt Hotel has workspace available.

You can come with your laptop computer and your work files and continue your work away from home and the office. With no disturbance, distractions, or intrusions.

There is a provision for every member of the family. Also, the rooms have amenities such as drying racks for clothes, air conditioning, ironing facilities, and even interconnected rooms. You do not have to worry about where your entire family can spend the next holiday season, you have found the Bayt hotel.

It is located at 3/5 Adebisi Street, Adekunle, Yaba, Lagos Mainland, Lagos.

Does The Bayt Hotel Have a Parking Lot?

Yes. There is a parking lot provided for guests and visitors to the Bayt Hotel. Also, cars parked are securely guarded by the security agencies present in the hotel.

Are Pets Allowed Into The Bayt Hotel?

Pets are not allowed into the Bayt Hotel. The Hotel has a no-pet allowed policy that restricts visitors from bringing their pets to the hotel.

  1. Rakedo International Hotel

Rakedo international hotel

Also on the list of hotels in Lagos Mainland is the Rakedo International Hotel. The Rakedo international hotel is located in the heart of Lagos Mainland and it offers one of the most exquisite menus in the city of Lagos.

You have found a hotel to stay in if you love food as much as I do. Not only is Rakedo numbered among hotels with exquisite menus, but they also have a bar stocked with exotic drinks where you can go to and unwind after taking in good food.

The hotel has a very nice swimming pool, an outdoor lounge, a gym, a rooftop terrace, and an on-site restaurant. It is the perfect spot to retract to away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos, Nigeria.

The rooms at the Rakedo International hotel are fully air-conditioned, well-spaced, and family-friendly. Every member of the family can head on to Rakedo and have a fulfilling time vacating.

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Also, your data needs are covered while at the hotel courtesy of their fast Wi-Fi access. Other features include maximum security, non-smoking rooms, flat-screen TVs, a minibar, tea and coffee making facilities.

Does Rakedo International Hotel Have a Parking Lot?

Sadly, No. The Rakedo International Hotel does not have a parking lot for her guests and visitors.

Are Pets Allowed in Rakedo International Hotel?

No. The Hotel has a no pets allowed policy. Your pets may have to stay at home while you go on vacation.

 Spending your vacation in any of these hotels in Lagos Mainland ensure you enjoy the fast-paced life of the Mainland folks. Do enjoy your stay.


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