Exclusive Interview With Lifestyle Blogger Vitalis Kalu

Vitalis Kalu

Vitalis Kalu is the CEO of and he has been doing well in Blogging industry, I got the opportunity to interview him.

Reallifegist Media is using this medium to appreciate him for given us this opportunity to interview him.

Please Introduce Yourself To Us

My name is Vitalis Kalu, I’m a 3x award winning Author of self help books, he is a personal development enthusiast, and my love for writing made me start up my blog as a way of expressing myself and reaching out to millions of people out there to provide them with valuable information.

As A Motivational Speaker, Who Inspire You

A lot of people call me a motivational speaker, but I think I’m an entrepreneur that says things that are motivational.

I listen to motivational speakers too, who inspires me are the likes of Daniel Akpata, Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, Gary Vanyerchuk, Les Brown etc.

According To You, What Are The Best Ways To Get Success In Blogging And Influencing

First, love what you do. Network with other bloggers & put in massive work!

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Who Inspire You To Write Your First Book

No one, it all came out of inspiration.

How Did You Become OAP

I am still an OAP in training. I am not yet sure full OAP. I love talking to bring about paradigm shift in persons, that’s why I chose to go into being an OAP
Have you ever regret in this your influencing journey

As A Blogger And Influencer What Are The Challenges You Are Facing

As a blogger, especially in Nigeria, the challenges are cost of data & inconsistent electricity.

We work online, still we have to battle with electricity & data.

Have You Ever Regret In This Your Influencing Journey

Never, I would say the life of an influencer chose me, I didn’t choose it. I don’t have any regrets.

As a blogger and influencer what will you like people to learn from you

First, to be grateful. Second, to be patient, life is long & short at the same time. While you’re patient, discover yourself, discover what puts you on fire, what you love to do even without getting paid & focus there, ONLY there!

Lastly, hold God tight & have a relationship with him

Please Give Some Tips For Newbies Bloggers And Influencers

Start blogging because you’re passionate about it not because of the money.

If you’re a social media influencer, talk about the things you love & the things you see yourself doing even in the next 40 years. Give value without expecting anything back.

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