How To Get Austrian Visa From Nigeria

How to get Austrian Visa in Nigeria

Have you planned your vacation or holiday and decided Austria would be the place to go? 

Then you would probably be thinking about how to get an Austrian visa in Nigeria. 

Austria is not one of the popular countries one would choose for a staycation or holiday but then it is a country worth visiting. 

If you have not made up your mind about going to Austria, you should because you are in for a treat. 

And if you have your mind made up already, what next is getting an Austrian visa from Nigeria and that is what this post will show you. 

I have explained how you can get an Austrian visa in Nigeria, how much does Austria visa cost in Nigeria, and some lovely facts about the European country. 

Without further ado, let me begin with some facts about Austria you should be acquainted with while you prepare for your trip. 

Lovely Facts About Austria

Austria (officially known as the Republic of Austria) is an East Alpine country landlocked in the southern region of Central Europe. 

The official language in Austria is German and their capital city, Vienna is bordered to the north by Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

It has a population of about 9 million people and occupies a landmass of 83,879 km². Compared to Nigeria, you know Austria is quite a small country. 

The Schengen member state has a Christian following of up to 69 percent followed closely by Catholicism at 57 percent.

Islam in Austria takes up just 7.9 percent with up to 22 percent of Austria’s population with no religion. 

Austria is generally a cold country. It lies in a temperate climatic zone and weather conditions vary across the country.

The northern and eastern parts of Austria enjoy extreme conditions both in winter and summer with moderate precipitation.

Summer in the southeastern part of Austria is always longer and warmer.

Whether you are visiting Austria during winter or summer, you will need a sweater. Do well to add one or two to your travel bag.

Cool Places To Visit in Austria 

While you are in Austria, there are places worth visiting and we recommend you see them.

They are:

1. Austria’s Imperial Palace – The Vienna Hofburg 

2. Salzburg Altstadt 

3. Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna 

4. Melk Benedictine Abbey 

5. Hallstatt and the Dachstein Salzkammergut

6. Sking at Kitzbühel and Kitzbüheler Horn 

7. Belvedere Palace in Vienna

Visiting any of the aforementioned places will make your visit to Austria truly memorable. 

Requirements For Austrian Visa in Nigeria

If you are in Nigeria and you want to get the Austria visa, the following are basic requirements you must have: 

A passport with at least 3 months validity from the period when you will travel. There must be up to 2 blank pages to accommodate custom stamps in the passport 

A completed visa application form, filled and signed by the applicant 

Two (2) recent passport photographs taken on a white background

Original copy of a bank statement that proves the flow of cash in the past six (6) months 

A travel insurance policy with emergency medical coverage. The insurance policy must cover your stay in Austria

Proof of accommodation in Austria for the period of your stay 

Proof of civil status 

Travel itinerary that is a written schedule of activities you would be engaged in during your stay 

Types of Austria Visa From Nigeria

There are four (4) types of Austria visa available to Nigerians namely:

1. Tourist visa 

2. Business visa 

3. Medical visa

4. Student visa

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Each of these Austria visas takes 15 days to process and are valid for 3 months (90 days) except the Austria student visa. 

The student visa to Austria is valid for more than 90 days but still takes 15 days to be processed. 

Cost of Austria Visa in Nigeria

The cost of an Austria visa in Nigeria is £60 for Tourist, Business, and Medical visas. Austria visa for students costs £99.

How To Get Tourist Visa to Austria in Nigeria

The tourist visa is issued to Nigerians who intend to travel to Austria for their vacation, holiday, and relaxation. 

It is also called a visitor visa as you can use it to visit a family member or friend who resides in Austria. 

To be eligible for the Austria visa for visitors and tourists, you must have: 

A letter of invitation from someone in Austria. The letter must contain details of your relationship with the person

A letter of appointment from your workplace in Nigeria. It should contain how many days your employer has given you for the vacation 

A proof that you will return to Nigeria after the days of your visit has expired 

Proof of visa fee payment 

Applicants under the age of 18 must present a copy of their birth certificate

You are not allowed to engage in any business activity while you are in Austria with a tourist or visitor visa. 

How To Get Austria Visa For Business in Nigeria

Suppose you are visiting Austria for business and not for pleasure, you can get a business visa.

This gives you the ability to perform any business transaction while you are in Austria. 

Here’s how to get the Austria visa for business: 

An invitation letter from a company in Austria addressed to you which should contain your details and the purpose of your visit to Austria 

A proof that the applicant’s company and the host company have done a trade before 

If you are attending a conference, trade fair, or seminar, you must present an invitation from the body organizing the event 

A letter from your employer stating your trip’s purpose and a statement of continued employment 

Austrian Embassy Visa Appointment

To avoid being duped, the official Austrian Embassy in Nigeria where you can go for your visa appointment are: 


Plot 9, Usuma Street, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria.

Website: Bmeia


Phone Numbers: +234 706 418 3226, +234 9 413 0772


Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way, Opposite Treasure Garden Estate, Third Roundabout, Lekki Phase I, Lagos, Nigeria.

Website: Vfsglobal


Phone number: +234 815 018 8800


Getting an Austrian visa in Nigeria is not so difficult. Depending on your purpose for visiting Austria, you can get a visa within 15 days. 

Austria is a beautiful country with fine weather. Great for vacating and business also. 

It would make a lovely location for your proposed vacation, recreation, and study. 

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