How To Make Money From Celebrity News

How make money from celebrity news

It’s All About Celebrities At 1xBet
One thing we can count on is celebrities keeping it interesting. There is always something to bet on or predict when it comes to the who’s who of the world.  From Hollywood to the royal family, someone is always in the spotlight. 1xBet, the leading bookmaker, stays close to the news and makes sure that their bettors always have access to the action with bets available on almost every aspect of the rich and famous lives.  Place bets using great odds to make money on celebrities! Click here to start making money

Starting in the UK with fiery Liam Gallagher, lead singer of Oasis, been pitted against Robbie Williams, UK singing superstar! Robbie has challenged Liam twice to take him on in the ring! Well, that would be one for the books at 1xBet!
Staying in Britain, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been hot news for months after abdicating and settling in the USA.  Now the bets are on for their return to the royal fold before Harry turns 40 and whether they will have twins or even triplets in the next year. That would be a royal first!  Big bucks to be made right there on that bet!

Moving across the pond to the United States! We all know there is always something happening in Hollywood, and this year is no different. There are so many opportunities to bet with 1xBet, but let’s look at some top bet options that will allow the bettor to reap some rewards.
First up is the world of movies, and the great dame Merryl Streep is in the spotlight! Will this highly acclaimed queen of the silver screen take home her 4th Oscar by 2024?  It seems highly likely considering her long list of award-winning movies and savvy role choices that put her on top of almost every award show. Click here to start making money

But that is not the only prediction to be made. Another light that is shining brightly right now is that of Billie Eilish.  She cleaned up at the Grammy’s, and now there is talk that her Bond song, No Time To Die, will be awarded the statue at the Oscars.  Check out the odds at 1xBet.
If the Oscars are your thing, there are many betting opportunities to make some money besides Eilish and Streep’s success. Steven Spielberg, the legendary director, also is in the running for the remake of one of Hollywood’s most well-loved movies, West Side Story.

However, this year Spielberg has some stiff competition as movies such as Chicago 7, Tenet, and Mank are all brilliant movies and strong contenders for the title.
Talking about strong contenders, there is no one more apt for this title than Conor McGregor himself. There is a multitude of McGregor bets to be made at 1xBet.  Will he run for Irish President, will he be a Russian citizen by 2021, or even a film star? Yup, it’s not just MMA for Conor anymore; his fame has got so big that anything is possible! Will he become a football club owner or even a player at Manchester United? The list of possibilities is endless. Click here to start making money

Keeping with sport, the Oscar equivalent is the BBC Sports Personality of the Year! There are a lot of contenders to choose from. The list starts with racing legend Lewis Hamilton as the favorite closely followed by Marcus Rushford, Man United ace footballer! For outside bets, you could even bet on lady darts player Fallon Sherrock, the first female to win a match at the PDC World Championships and subsequently went on to win two more matches!  That could produce a massive windfall! All in for the ladies.

The point is whoever you choose as your winner, 1xBet offers great betting odds, a massive line up of markets, and you can bet using some of the most lucrative bonuses in the market! Head to this world-class platform and get familiar with everything that it has to offer; whether it be sports, science, or celebrity you are interested in, there is something for everyone!
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