How To Start A Cinema Business In Nigeria

Cinema Business In Nigeria

Cinema business is one very profitable venture in Nigeria. If you are wondering how to start a cinema business in Nigeria and make some money this article will guide you in that regard. 

The article covers the guidelines on starting a cinema business in Nigeria, how much it costs to start a cinema business in Nigeria, and the perfect places to set up your cinema. To begin with, let’s do a quick definition of the term just in case you have no idea what a cinema is.

What is a Cinema?

A cinema (sometimes called a movie theatre) is a hall where people pay to get in and see movies. In cinemas, movies are shown on large screens and people pay to see them. The difference between a cinema and regular viewing centers is the great sound output, high picture quality, and comfort cinemas offer. 

Even though a lot of persons do not know what cinemas are or plan on going to one, quite an amazing number of individuals go to cinemas. Whether you know it or not, a lot of persons go to cinemas to see movies either as a get-away from the hustle and bustle of their daily activities or to spend time with a spouse. 

In most cases, movies that are shown in cinemas are exclusive in that they are not available for download. They are only available to be viewed in cinemas alone. People who want to see a movie before others or before it is available for download. 

Starting a cinema business in Nigeria is a lucrative venture and if you live in an area with a good number of movie lovers, it is the perfect business model for you. 

Guidelines to Start Cinema Business in Nigeria

If you are ready to own your cinema, follow the steps I have outlined below:

Get a Location

The location of a business is a single determining factor that impacts the success or failure of a business. The place where a business is located determines whether the business will succeed or fail. Although, this is the case for location-dependent businesses and the cinema business is inclusive. 

Get a good location preferably a place where elite people live. it is typically a waste of investment to set up a cinema in a village, slum, or ghetto. Truth is, people living in those areas are struggling to make ends meet and would not want to spend the little they make on expensive luxuries. 

In choosing a location for your cinema, one of the major things you must consider is establishing the cinema in a place where there is an audience. The goal of your business is to serve an audience that would pay and you setup your cinema close to them. 

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Tweak Your Cinema Hall

After choosing a location and setting up your cinema hall, the next thing to do is to tweak your hall that is equip the hall with every necessary equipment. 

The equipment you need to have your cinema hall up and running includes projectors, sound systems, lightings, screens, and fittings. Also, chairs are important. You should ensure your customers do not just have a place to seat but it must be very comfortable.

Hire a Manager

Running a cinema business requires a level of skill. People who visit cinemas are always interested in nothing but the best in terms of service, sound quality, screen display, lighting, and comfortability. There is almost no room for improvement, you must offer the best on first impression else you lose customers. 

Your best option is to hire a manager. Your manager should be someone experienced in running and maintaining a cinema. If hiring a manager is going to be so much expense for you, then you can spy on your competitors. 

Spying on your competitors involves visiting other cinemas and seeing how they are operated. This will give you an insight into running your cinema. 

Register with CAC, NFVCB, and Other Regulatory Bodies

Every business in Nigeria must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and your cinema business is not exempted. To get legal backing to operate your cinema, you must be registered with the CAC before you begin business practices. 

Additionally, it is important to register with the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB). This body is responsible for regulating the movie industry and cinema. An important reason to register with the NFVCB is that before most Nigerian movies are available for download they are given to cinemas. 

If you want your cinema to be given due consideration when such a window opens, get your cinema registered. 

Connect With Industry Leaders

Connecting with leaders in the Nigerian movie industry will give your cinema business an edge. From actors to distributors to directors and producers, connect with industry leaders. Since you would be showing their product, you should be in their good books. 

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Your cinema could be selected to be the first cinema to show a particular movie and you know what that could mean for you. 

Set Up a Workforce

You cannot manage a cinema all by yourself. Even after hiring a manager, you will need to hire some persons to work for you. Your workforce should contain cleaners, technicians, and persons who can operate projectors, etc. 

Run Adverts

People would not know about your business except you tell them. This is why running adverts are important. In today’s world, it is very much easy to let the word out about your new business. 

You can run targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media influencers can help you let the word out about your cinema and you can decide to take your advertisement offline by printing posters and fliers. 

Make publications and announcements in the local newspaper, TV station, or radio station. All of these should do. 

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Cinema Business in Nigeria?

Several factors determine the cost of starting a cinema business in Nigeria. These factors include location, standard, advertisement costs, and much more. 

The average cost of starting a standard cinema in Nigeria is around 3 to 5 million naira. And if you are looking at starting a large-scale cinema, your budget should be around 30 to 50 million naira.

Perfect Places to Establish a Cinema


These are some cool places to establish your cinema:

1.State capitals 
2.Government Reserved Areas (GRAs)
3.Close to Large University Campuses 
4.Places where elites live in 


I am optimistic you now have a clue on how to start a cinema business in Nigeria. If you have the means to start one, you already know what to do. Loads of luck as you venture into cinema business. 

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