How To Start A Profitable Poultry Farming Business In Nigeria

How to start a profitable poultry farming business in Nigeria

At a time when several persons are looking for more ways to scale up their income generation, a lot of business models have been shared with projections of profitability.

Nevertheless, one truly profitable business to start in Nigeria is a poultry farm business and this article today is on how to start a poultry farm business in Nigeria.

Hundreds of Nigerians are making six and seven figures doing poultry farming and it is a recommended highly profitable business to start in Nigeria and make money.

What is Poultry Farming?

Simply put, poultry farming is all about growing domestic birds such as ducks, geese, turkey, chickens, pigeons, doves, and so on either for their eggs or meat.

When these birds lay eggs, you can sell them and equally sell the birds for meat. It has been an agelong practice and many persons have taken advantage of this goldmine.

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The business does not require so much capital. You can start a poultry farming business from the comfort of your home. One thing is sure, poultry has a high return on investment (ROI).

Is Poultry Farming Profitable in Nigeria?

The simple, short answer to the profitability of this business is YES.

There is a growing demand for products from poultry birds and this makes the business truly profitable.

The poultry farming business has a profitability score running into billions of naira with daily consumption of poultry products.

It is viable in developing, underdeveloped, and developed nations. And if you are skeptical about its profitability, then do not be as you are guaranteed huge profits.

Steps To Start & Grow A Poultry Farming Business In Nigeria

Just before you start your poultry farm, you need to be aware of certain points that are necessities for success.

It is unwise to begin a business without a concise understanding of how the business works. You would not succeed at poultry farming except you consider the following steps:

Pick a poultry bird type
Look for a suitable location
Provide convenient shelter
Proper feeding and medication

Pick a Poultry Bird Type

There are a variety of poultry birds that are viable options for your poultry farm. Choosing the right bird to use is going to impact greatly on the success of your business.

As a recommendation, go for a poultry bird that lays a lot of eggs in-demand and can also be sold for meat. An example of such birds are chicken and quail

You can decide to rear Broilers, the species of chickens that are solely meant for meat. A matured broiler can be sold for about N2000 to N3500.

Layers are also a good option. These are birds that lay eggs. Eggs are an important part of our diet and someone like me cannot have a tea and bread breakfast without eggs.

From 18 weeks, layers can steadily produce eggs and you can sell the eggs for a profit.

The second type of poultry bird I recommend is quail. Just recently, a market opened up for quail eggs and this is predicated on a discovery that quail eggs hold very important medicinal and nutritional value.

Unless you have identified a hungry market for quail eggs, you should stick to the chicken.

Look For a Suitable Location

By a suitable location, you would a farm site or a place that fits like one. This location also depends on the number of birds you are using to start your business.

Most persons starting the business on a small scale may just make do with their backyards but for those doing so on a large scale, they would need a dedicated farm space.

The idea behind a suitable location is one that is free from predators of poultry birds and unscrupulous individuals who will try to hurt or steak the birds.

Also, it should be accessible with good roads so that products can be safely transported to the market they are needed.

Water is important for the survival of your poultry birds. Your location must have a portable water supply.

Provide Convenient Shelter

Poultry birds are very delicate birds. Little changes in weather conditions can cause serious health conditions for your birds.

You must provide a comfortable place for your birds. Ensure that the temperature is warm throughout the day else the chances of your birds’ survival would be slim.

They are susceptible to diseases and cold. Your goal must be to keep them as warm and free from contaminating substances as much as possible.

Proper Feeding and Medication

To get the best results and yield from your poultry birds, you must not disregard this point.

When your birds are fed properly, in the right proportion, and with good medication, they will produce more.
It is important to consult an expert to teach you the feeding style for the poultry bird you have chosen.

The birds feed on a particular kind of food from their early weeks till they get a little mature. In the case of chickens, they are fed with starters for 4 to 5 weeks, and then you can administer finishers till they become matured enough for sale.

Due to their susceptibility to diseases, medication for poultry birds is not bargainable. You must give them medication and vaccines to keep them immune from diseases.

It is often at this stage that many farmers miss it. To this end, I advise you to consult with persons who have been in the poultry farming business for a long time.

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Poultry Farming Business?

Starting a poultry farming business in Nigeria does not require enormous capital for a start-up.

You can begin your poultry farm with around N30,000 to N50,000. This will be enough to cover the cost of buying day-old chicks and feeding them.

With proper feeding, medication, and convenient shelter, you would be enjoying a 100 percent return on investment (ROI).


We cannot deny how poultry products constitute a major part of our daily diets. This means there’s a ready market for poultry products.

With that, you do not have to struggle to market your products. Once they have enough quality, na people go rush you.

Interestingly, you do not need to break the bank to start one today. Starting a poultry farming business in Nigeria is profitable, easy, and worthwhile.

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