Jude Okoye responds to May D’s accusations.

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Jude okoye and may D issue

Jude Okoye, Owner of Northside Records and elder brother to the defunct duo, p-square has opened up on issues concerning May D.

Jude Okoye was in an interview where he shared his own side of the story on Cynthia Morgan’s saga and he was about May D‘s accusations against him and his brothers, P-square.

According to May D, when he was living with the Okoyes, he was treated like a houseboy and didn’t even own a bank account.

Jude Okoye in his interview said May D‘s accusations were lies. He said that he bought a hummer for May D, allowed him to use his card to shop, flew him to America, put him in a show with Akon.

He said that May D was offered a contract but that the singer asked for incentives like a car, house in Lekki to which Jude refused.


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