Love Has No Limit – Episode 1

Love has no limit
Love Has No Limit

Having a good happy family is one of the greatest gifts of God. Adesola’s family is a perfect epitome of this. Mr and Mrs Adesola gave birth to four children, three boys and a girl.Their names are Adekunle,Toye, Gideon and Isabella respectively. Mr Adesola is a doctor while his wife is a teacher. They live in a good house. Adekunle is a Law student of Adeleke university, while Isabella and her junior brothers were enrolled in Olashore international school.

Isabella can be best described as not too tall, not too slim with long hair and chocolate complexion . She’s pretty, gentle, intelligent and diligent in everything she does which makes most guys in her school hit on her. She has some set of crazy friends which includes Omolayo, Adeola, Salome and Phoebe.

Isabella is not a social type, but her friends are making efforts to socialize her. Isabella had an amorous relationship with a guy called Francis , a relationship which later ended sour when Francis was found cheating with another girl. This made Isabella purpose in her heart never to enter into any relationship of the sort until she gains admission into university. But all of a sudden, there was this new, cool and handsome guy in her class that girls are hitting onπŸ˜€. Is it possible for this guy to make our pretty queen (Isabella) change her decision?.

To find out, wait for the next episode.

Love you guys😍

NOTE: This was written by Owosho Ololade and any of this must not republish in any form without the permission of the original writer.

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