Must Read: Angry Nigeria Youth Cry Out – Akute Ayomide

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Akute Ayomide John is one of the Nigeria youth who have passion for politics, he cry out when he can’t bare it again. NIGERIAN YOUTH WAKE UP

Angry Nigeria youth cry out

One of the best country in the world that is endowed with mineral resources is Nigeria.

Nigeria my dear country, country full honey, country that the lord him self grant grace not to go through what other countries are going through, like chronic diseases that the name can not even be found in the dictionary, different disaster up and down but here we are with grace and privileged.

On the 1st day of the month of October 1960, we gain our independence and joy was all over our face and even our heart(although I have not being birthed then), but it was heard and I also watch some clip of it. The mantle of leadership was handed over to our fathers and I mean our fathers, to God be the glory Nigeria became a place that everybody want to be and where everybody want to leave to the extent that people from the neighboring countries rushed down to our dear country to establish big firms.
As year goes after years we started entering to little little problems and our dear nation started depreciating to the extent of our neighboring country started parking their loads so as to safe guard their head since their country continue developing and ours was going the other way.

Nigeria are suffering

Our problem started the day political parties was introduced, although it suppose to be a good implementation because that was what is being used by other countries that are even more advance than ours (developed countries).
Purpose of write this: the main purpose of writing this is to re-awaking Nigerian youth.

My dear fellow Nigerian youth, are you part of those that state that this country can never be good again? If yes this epistle is not for you but if No I can see you as part of the army that want to take territories.

Are you in the four walls of your room and you are saying this country will be good? For this country to be good you have to contribute your own quota: don’t look at the good that this country want to offer you but you look at the good you want to offer this country. Assuming our fathers does not fight for our independence do you know where we are going to be, may be you will be somewhere in a sugarcane farm now and be walloing in sweat with big padlock in you mouth and chains on your leg. Yes our fathers suffer for us but for 70% of their benefit and 30% of our benefit, if it was in the other way round Nigeria will keep appreciating and not depreciating. Now we need to comeout of our comfort zones and take charge of things that are ours. Do you notice that our fathers are the one still ruling, and they will still Be the one that will ruling us because if the Barton is being handed to their children then they are still in power.

Listen, you can not be in your room as a Christian and be praying for this nation without you taking any step. It is time for us to take territories in politics, it is time for us to take territories in business, it is time for us to take territories in education sector, it is the for us to take territories in media, it is time for us to take territories in media.

My plead is this: Nigerian Christian youth, we can not just sit down and we are not taking what is ours and we think it is going to come to us, It won’t. See if we dont open our understanding we will not attain what christians are to attain. We need to rise and go out
The bible said some will be called into government. Who are they? We are!!!


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