PS3 Price In Nigeria 2021

PS3 price in Nigeria 2021

Since Sony began releasing the Play Station game series, many have fallen in love with it and one of the most popular releases of the game series is PlayStation 3 codenamed PS3. In this article, I discuss PS3 price in Nigeria and interesting details about the game you never knew. 

Sony PlayStation games have become a part of the gaming world and no youth or teenager would feign ignorance of the game. They have probably heard about it, played it, or are even obsessed with playing it. 

I do recall how despite how my dad spoke against it, I and my kid brother still took money from my mom’s purse to play PS3. I would always visit the game shop close to my house and watch others play when I don’t have money to pay. It was until writing and blogging found me that I began to lose interest in PS3 but as I write, my brother is a PS3 principality where we live. 

One would think that the introduction of PS4 and PS5 game consoles would make the PS3 game console go extinct but recent market research shows that the game console is still sought-after and it remains the companion for many in Nigerian today. 

When the PS3 game console was released, it was greeted with massive appraisals. This is possibly because it was indeed an upgrade from the PS2 game console. It was better in almost every regard you one could think of. It came with an awesome HD video quality, outstanding handling, control, and top-notch display. 

The commentary was different, the game speed was excellent, and the graphics and reactions were amazing. Game shops that had only the PS2 game console lost a lot of gamers to those with PS3 game console. It truly was an upgrade. 

For me, I stick to PS3 any day, anytime, and choose it above PS4. As for PS5, let the people that have the money go for it. If you are like me and would like to stick to this gaming masterpiece, you would be interested in knowing the price of a PS3 in Nigeria. 

Like I told you earlier on, I will show you the price of PS3 in Nigeria, reveal other awesome facts about the game console you would love, and tell you about some not so cool facts you may find as a turn-off. 

Enough of the long talk, let’s go into the main business of this article – PS3 price in Nigeria.

Brand New PS3 Price in Nigeria

The market value of the PS3 game console has maintained a level for some time now. It comes as a surprise because Sony has consistently released upgraded game consoles and one would expect that the price of PS3 in Nigeria will drop drastically. 

The price of PS3 in Nigeria is between N50,000 to N70,000. The varying market value is based on several factors which include the internal memory of the game console and the store you are purchasing from. Also, the time of the year when you are buying it matters. Purchasing a game console during festive seasons would be more expensive. 

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So, if you are looking to buy a brand new PS3 game console, your budget should be about N50,000 and more. 

Price of Used PS3 in Nigeria

If you cannot purchase a brand new PS3 game console, you can get a used (second-hand) game console. PS3 game consoles are built and designed to be very durable and a second-hand game console can serve its purpose without any qualms. 

The price of used PS3 in Nigeria is between N25,000 and N40,000. The price of used PS3 in Nigeria is determined by the condition of the game console and the kind of games installed on the console. Usually, the place of purchase also determines the cost of a used PS3 game console. 

Facts You Will Love About PS3

PS3 game console is durable. It bulkier than PS2 and is designed to last for long. It comes with a stylish silver band that adds some elegance and class to it. You can enjoy playing games with a PS3 game console for a long time and not worry about any issues arising. 

Due to the release of other game consoles, PS4 and PS5, PS3 has become more affordable. The price of PS3 drastically reduced when Sony released other game consoles and this has made the PS3 console affordable. 

Speed and efficiency are a major feature of PS3. If you have played PS2 before, you will find the PS3 console very fast and enjoyable. The moment I got to play PS3, I disliked PS2 and it is the same experience for many others. 

The only downside to the PS3 game console is that it is gradually going out of the market. As Sony is rolling out more game consoles, they are reducing the rate of manufacturing of older game consoles. This is the case with PS3. 

Sooner than later, PS3 may go extinct from the market and we may all have to resort to the upgrades from Sony or rely on persons who are willing to sell used PS3 game consoles. 


No doubt Sony is a name to be reckoned with in the gaming world. They have consistently manufactured game consoles that have become the addiction and obsession of many all over the world.

One of their profound products is the PS3 game console. Even with the newer game consoles produced by Sony, the PS3 game console is still the preferred choice of many gamers and this is why we have looked into the price of PS3 in Nigeria. 

I am optimistic you got value from this article today. If you want to buy the PS3 game console, whether brand new or used, you now know how much it costs. 

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