Signs Your Child Is Going Through Depression

child depression

We all are bound to pass through depression at one point or the other in our early stage of life. The reason for this could vary, ranging from the background the child is coming from, and the peer group the child is associating with.

Depression is deadly and disastrous, it should be avoided and fought with all might. Often, depression leads to suicide, and research shows, suicide is the 10th cause of death, in the world.

Children should be highly monitored, this is why we are dedicating this article to all parents out there. Many think the only thing children need is money, and material things, No! What they need is beyond that. Many parents get too busy with work, and they make their children lack parental care, comfort e.t.c

Furthermore, we shall be giving out tips to parents on how they can know if their children are passing through depression. When children are passing through a very difficult situation, they might not want to tell their parents, and feel they can handle it themselves, however, things may not go the way they think, and they get into a depressive mood.

Always wish to be alone

When your child is always seeking to be alone, then something is wrong somewhere. You discover the child doesn’t want to be in the midst of the family or watch movies with you, then there is a need for you to act fast, as your child might be going through depression at that time.

home alone child

The Child Doesn’t Flow Well With Friends.

One major sign of depression is dissociating from the public.
This is mainly common among girls, probably if they are passing through sexual molestation or sexual abuse, they will lack the courage to discuss it will people, rather they result to settling it themselves, and they continue to still pass through this sexual molestation.
However, once you notice your child is battling with socialism, then it’s time for you to seek help on your child’s behalf, wondering what you can do? Kindly read along as we shall put you through.

The Child Starts Losing weight Unnecessarily.

There might be many reasons that can make a child lose weight, however, having ensured the child is not suffering from any medical complication, and she still continues to lose weight, then definitely something is wrong.

However, at this point in time, this is not the time to start barking at your child, or yelling at them, rather a better time to show them comfort and love and let them know you are worth relying on.

There is Always A Crack In the Voice While Talking.

This is another sign that your child is passing through depression, you will notice there is always a crack in the voice, the talk isn’t confidential.

Easily Lose Concentration

Probably you notice, whenever you engage your child in a conversation, he/she is not picking up on the right words. That’s bad and calls for concern.

Children are best friends to parents, they are to keep your company, even friends and relatives leave, your children will never leave you.

child depression

Easily Forget Things

This is common both in adults and children that are passing through depression. They will be so lost in the thought, and their memory won’t be able to hold things as they should.

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If an adult forgets things easily, it could be as a result of responsibility or fear of the future, but if a child does? Then something is definitely wrong.

Furthermore, children should possess the sharpest brain ever, but once you notice your child forget things easily, then the child is definitely battling with depression.

Effects Of Depression

Depression comes along with a lot of negative effects. The negligence of parents on children is a call for concern. Your children need your attention, love, care for them to stay healthy emotionally.

Emotional torture is the most severe type of punishment if you are not always there for your children, how will they be able to confide in you, how will they be able to open up to you, on the sexual molestation and harassment they are passing through in school or from an extended family member?

There are many cases of suicide out there, and the major reason is that there is no one they could talk to. Do not wait until something bad happens before you care for your children. Here are the effects of depression on children.

Poor Academic Performance

Probably your child is a type with exceptional academic results, but suddenly you start noticing that the academic performance has started dropping, it really calls for concern.

However, when many parents notice this, they start punishing the child for not being serious. Most times it’s not about being serious or not, your child is likely to be going through depression.

Health Complication

Depression is likely to result in health complications, due to the lack of sleep and loss of appetite.

child thinking

Resulting in taking hard drugs

When humans are passing through challenges, they look for a way to get out, however, if there is no way to get out of it, they look for a way to forget about it.

Furthermore, many children, once they notice there is no way they could overcome their problem, will start taking hard drugs, it’s not only hard drugs that many engage in, in a bid to forget about their problem. Some will venture into smoking, while some masturbate, while some will venture into alcoholism, and all these are disastrous than the depression they are trying to avoid.


This is the lasting solution many depressive patients venture into. Since they are seeing no possible solution to their problem, many think at least suicide will solve their problem permanently.

There is a high need for parents to care more about their children than they care about their jobs or friends.

Many children are dying inside, and the parents aren’t aware, nor do some parents even notice. Lack of parental care is greatly killing many.

Extensively, your children need you the most, look for time and talk to them frequently, and make yourself as free with them as possible.

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