The Top 9 Must Follow Lifestyle Experts on Twitter

twitter lifestyle experts

One of the biggest digital media in the world is Twitter. It is very prominent with features that are essential for developing the life and lifestyle of people. All international, political, cultural, psychological and social life of every human.

Lifestyle is the interests, opinions, behaviours, and behavioural orientations of an individual, group, or culture. It is the possession of the world social media users. It goes through many industries and niche like fashion, relationships, talent, education and books, fitness, wealth, health, nutrition and so on.

To stay notified about the world of lifestyle, you need to follow Twitter accounts owned by lifestyle advocates. To stay well informed, and have all of the latest info and research regarding any lifestyle events, life, wealth creation and career improvement at your fingertips, follow the Twitter accounts below:

1. Adam Grant: Adam Grant is a lifestylactivistts on Twitter. He is a tenured standardized psychology professor at Wharton College of the University of Pennsylvania and a New York Times Opinion writer. His Twitter feed contains articles about the psychology of choice, leadership and diversity.

Some of his lifestyle posts include writing = thinking + Communicating – This was released on the 29th of March 2020. This is where he explained how important writing is and its significance. It also brings writing, thinking and communication altogether.

Another post by Adam Grant explains the significance of learning from the right person and when to know the moment of getting to teach someone. This post was released on 18th March 2020, signs that someone is worth learning from.

Adam Grant is inspiring the world with his exceptional lifestyle posts and quotes. “Success is not about competition– it’s about contribution.”

— Adam Grant (@AdamMGrant) January 3, 2017. Here.

2. Life Hacker: This is a worldwide inspirational and motivational Twitter account that talks about lifestyle. They are characterised with different life advice tweets articles from everywhere around the world. If you are somebody that fall of due to a lack of motivations or inspirations then this is the account you should follow.

Life hacker created by Gina Trapani and owned by Gawker Media is virtually a tech accounts that has gone beyond technical content with life tips.

One of their latest post from the UK, @lifehackerUK talks about helping people to live and work smarter in the digital age.
“Helping you to live and work smarter in this digital age.”
-@lifehackerUK. Here
On the 28th of February 2017, Lifehacker tweeted about time to their followers –
“This TED talk explains that “time is a choice” and how you can gain control of your time.”
– @LifeHacker. Here

3. The Financial Diet: If you think you are a lavish spender, this is a free opportunity to follow an account on Twitter that will inspire you. They help you save your money if you can work with their tweeted guidelines. The accounts support financial honesty, budgets and write about the smartest ways to save and spend money, especially for millennials.

They also have a website that links its articles with Twitter accounts.

One of their posts says, “A reminder that self-care is not an excuse to engage in unhealthy behaviors. It’s about being honest with yourself , …” Here

4. Sarah Of Collage Vinatge: This is a Spanish blogger in the fashion industry. On Twitter, she has almost 19,000 tweets and more than 32 thousand followers. She has been a leading prospect of the fashion world with her tweets and her website. If you think you want to dress elegantly and you need somebody knowledgeable about this, follow Sarah Of Collage Vintage. She is a big influencer willing to give her fashion perception to any one.

5. Active Yogi: Another Twitter account to talk about is active Yogi. This is an accounts that gives people who wants to practice mediation via physical exercises the inspiration to do so. The owner of Active Yogi, Tara Stiles was formally a model before turning to Yoga. With her compelling tweets, she is able to change the mind of disbeleivers into becoming loyal religious enthusiast.

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6. Camile Styles: Camille Styles is an event and lifestyle expert geared towards smaller, more aesthetically pleasing events. Her style will class up your next backyard event! Following her will help event planners and any other person that lives the event planning industry to dive into. You can follow her @camillestyles. With more than 21000 followers, she has been able to impact event planning and lifestyle traffic in the world.

7. Forbes: This is a Twitter account that gives clauses to lifestyle niche. They give lifestyle info, career advice, business news, cultural news and the latest tips and advice from the world’s most powerful and innovative entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur is building a legacy. The two most wealthy men in the while world are entrepreneurs. Many youths wants to be independent and wants to have a great career, this is a reason you should follow this account on Twitter.

8. Ashley C. Ford: Everyone likes someone that shares the story of there life to inspire others. This is what is observed in Ashley C. Ford tweets. She brings up a story of her life so as to inspire any other person. Trust me, you can’t feel alone when you are viewing her tweets because of Her witty cultural commentary and innate ability to share her life on twitter is unparalleled to that of any story writer. For anyone that is a cultural enthusiast, you have a model here on Twitter. Follow her on @iSmashFizzle. Ashley is also a young fiction writer and a journalists. If you have the same goals and motive as she does, her Twitter account is free for you.

9. Harvard Business Review: There are people in Africa that likes to study abroad but are not capable. These Harva Business Review helps to keep you involve about the recent scholarships and programs. Education is the best legacy and it’s important to monitor academic life in the business world. Follow them from @harvardbiz.

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