Timi Dakolo Speaks on Inconsistency in Lockdown and Its Implicatons

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Timi Dakolo

Foremost Nigerian vocalist Timi Dakolo has taken to his social media page to speak on the inconsistencies in the lockdown imposed by the government and its implications.

Timi Dakolo who seemed unsatisfied with the pattern in which the Nigerian government is using to ensure social distancing and gradually ease lockdown.

According to Dakolo the government’s Lockdown off and Lockdown on strategy will only cause a rise in the cases of COVID-17 faced by the country.

It will be recalled that states like Bauch and kano had okayed religious gathering despite still having active cases in the state.

Taking to his social media page to speak on the inconsistency and it’s implications, Timi Dakolo wrote:

Lockdown off and lockdown on .. like a switch. And the numbers keep going up. I am sure the Virus would be licking it’s teeth. Smh!!!


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