Yemi Alade Advises Government on How to Treat Nigerians

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Yemi Alade shekere

Nigerian singer Yemi Alade has taken to her twitter page to advise the government on how to treat Nigerians.

Taking to her twitter page to share a video, Yemi Alade suggested that the government should treat Nigerians, the way that they will also love to be treated.

Yemi Alade who told the Government to rescue themself before thinking of rescuing Nigerians advised the government that this period is the right time to rebuild.

Taking to her twitter page to dish out the advise, Yemi Alade wrote:

To whom it may concern, Dear Government, You want to rescue us, but you haven’t rescued yourself. Change must start from you (me). Just treat us exactly how you want to be treated. It’s time to rebuild. A concerned citizen Yemi Alade


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